The Essence Of Branching Cables

- May 15, 2017-

Can be defined, the branch cable is suitable for modern high-rise building and modern factory a new main trunk cable, its biggest characteristic is based on the distribution design requirements, the trunk cable in the location of the factory prefabricated branch joints and branches.

It can be argued that the branch cable is the work of the general cable field production joints transferred to the factory prefabrication, so that the quality and consistency of multiple joints are on-site production joints can not be achieved and incomparable.

From the manufacturing point of view, the branch cable production is relatively simple, the overall performance of the good or bad, to a large extent depends on the product's prophase design, such as cold pressure molds, injection molds and manufacturing processes, it is worth mentioning that the branch joint use of the clamp (or connected to take over), supporting the compression mold and the compressibility, the branch cable should be the key to manufacture.

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