Introduction Of Optical Splitter Structure

- May 15, 2017-

Optical splitter According to the principle of light can divide into the melt pull cone type and planar waveguide type two, melt pull cone method is two (or two above) to remove the coating layer of fiber to a certain method by disturbance, at high temperature heated melting, while stretching to both sides, finally, in the heating zone form a double cone special waveguide structure, by controlling the angle of the fiber torsion and the length of stretch, can get different proportion of light, finally the taper zone with curing glue in the quartz substrate inserted into the stainless copper tubes, which is the light tap.

This production process is due to the thermal expansion coefficient of the curing adhesive and the quartz substrate, stainless steel tubes inconsistent, in the environmental temperature changes to the extent of contraction and expansion of the inconsistent, this situation can easily lead to light tap damage, especially in the field of light tap into the situation more, this is the light tap easy to damage the most important reason.

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