Application Scope Of Connectors

- May 15, 2017-

With the rapid development of the world electronic components, the connector industry has grown rapidly, and its application field has been expanded. The general connector is indeed a fairly common and not valuable 0 components, almost all electronic products, regardless of general consumer 3C electronic products, or applications in industrial grade electronic products, even all the need for information, power transmission products, all need to have a connector exists.

At present, whether it is Walkman, mobile phone, PDA, GPS, notebook computer (NB), table-based computer (DT), LCD TV (LCD TV), audio, LED lighting application equipment, or factory production, transportation automation machine all kinds of eyes and products, almost all have connectors demand, so the connector manufacturers, its development prospects are enormous.

With the connector market warming, connector its application is also expanding, medical applications are expected to be among the top five, the industry is expected to 2011, the medical field of connector market will reach 1.63 billion US dollars, compared to 2007 growth of about 50%, connector application has been involved in people's lives.

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